What's New New iCamMaster 2.0
New in 2.0:
  • New: Check Cams Window, allows to check availability or outdated cams.
  • New: Cosmetic changes in the browser window.
  • New: Now dragging a webcam clip shows a translucent picture of the webcam instead of its frame.
  • New: Cosmetic changes in the Preferences dialog box.
  • New: Now its possible to select a notification sound for changes in NewCams or TopCams.
  • All oudated (more than one month) or unavailable bundled cams have been removed.
  • Fixed Printing.

New in 2.0b1:

  • iCamMaster is now Universal Binary. Runs native both on PPC & Intel based Macs.
  • Setting a cam as desktop picture now works on MacOS X
  • Minor bugs fixed.
  • New low registration price US$ 15.

    Download iCamMaster 2.0