What's New New iCamMaster 1.8
iCamMaster 1.8 is latest version of the popular webcams browser for MacOS. New in 1.8:
  • New save windows state feature. Allows to save visibility and positions of groups of torn off cams. Saved states can be modified, renamed and deleted. («Edit/Save States...» option in the «Windows» menu).
  • New «Set State» («Windows» menu) option lists saved window states. This menu changes while pressing the option or the option and command keys.
  • «Set State» (No key pressed):
    Hides all webcams and Restores the selected state.
  • «Append State» (Option key pressed):
    No webcam is hidden and the selected state cams are shown.
  • «Hide State» (Option and Command keys pressed):
    Only the cams of the selected state are hidden.
  • Reduced Torn off cams can be enlarged temporarily by double clicking or by passing the mouse over them while the command key (apple) is pressed. The webcam will stay enlarged while the mouse is in it.
  • New layout of the «New/Add Webcam» dialog box.
  • New «Show Location» button in the search webcams window. Allows to view the location of the selected link in the webcams browser list.
  • New «Hide All/Show All» menu option allows to hide or show all the torn off cams. The «Show All» option is available while pressing the option key.

Download iCamMaster 1.8