Tear Off Webcams
Tear Off Webcams are very powerful, they allow to continously monitor a webcam while working with other applications. Tear Off cams will open again every time you launch iCamMaster unless you explicity close them.

Before tearing off a webcam you must view it in the browser's window. To tear off the currently viewing webcam press the " Tear Off Webcam" button or select "Tear Off Webcam" in the "Windows" menu.

Tear Off Webcams windows open half the size of the original picture but you can resize with the grow box.

To drag the window to a new position click anywhere, make sure it is selected. Selected Tear Off windows have its title underlined and show the grow icon.

Tear Off windows have the following controls:

  • The update rate button: Shows a menu to select the refresh time.
  • The Close Box menu: Shows a menu that allows to take different actions on the "tear off" webcam (described later).
  • The message button: Is only visible if the webcam has email or ICQ information. Allows to send messages to that webcam owner.
The Close Box Menu:


  • Hide: Hides the window, you can later show it by selecting its name under the "Windows" menu.
  • Close: Closes the window and deletes it from the teared off webcams list, the window will not reopen the next time you launch iCamMaster. Note that this does not remove the webcam link in the browser's list.
  • Show/Hide Last Modified: Shows a caption containing the "Last Modified" header if the server supports it. This is the last time the picture was uploaded on the server.
  • Start/Stop Recording: Starts or Stops recording the webcam as a Quicktime movie. Before starting a dialog box allows to set several options (See Recording a Webcam).
  • Set Desktop Webcam: Sets the webcam as a desktop picture, while iCamMaster is running the desktop picture will update with the desired periodicity (See Set a Desktop Cam).
  • Float Window/Normal Window: Toggles the floating state of the window. When a window is made floating it will show always on top of other windows, even of other applications.
The Message Button:

If email or ICQ information is available for the webcam the message button will be visible.

Pressing the button will show a menu with the email or/and the ICQ number for that webcam.

  • Selecting the email will launch you mail program to create a new mail for the webcam's address.
  • Selecting the ICQwill open a dialog box to send a ICQ message to the webcam's ICQ number.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.