Searching Webcams
The search webcams functionality is new to version 1.6, by pressing the " Search Webcam" button or selecting the "Search Webcam..." item in the "Edit" menu, the "Search Webcam" dialog box opens.
Type any text you wish to find in the "Find Text" edit field and press the "Find" button.


After the search is complete the list will display all the found cams containing the typed text in its name or its folders path (for example all the cams contained in the London folder).

By double clicking one of the cams it will be displayed in the browser's window.
When double clicking a foder it will be opened in the browser's window webcams list.

When you are done searching webcams press the "Done" button to hide the "Search Webcam" dialog box.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.