Recording a Webcam
Teared off webcams can be recorded as Quicktime movies. To start recording select "Start Recording..." in the close box menu of the window.
A dialog box will allow to specify the time scale, the file where to save the movie and the compression settings.
  • Time Scale: Select the number of frames iCamMaster will place in each movie's second. As more frames movies will look faster.
  • Movie File: Press the "Select..." button to specify the file where the movie will be saved.
  • Compression Settings: Displays the standar Quicktime compression settings dialog box. Allows to specify the movie quality. More quality means bigger movies.
Once a recording is started the "Start Recording..." menu option will change to "Stop Recording...". Select it to finish recording a webcam. Movie files can not be viewed until recording is stopped.

While recording, the webcam window will show a blinking red led.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.