iCamMaster Preferences

  • Open Automatically at Start Up:
    • When checked places a alias in the Startup Items Folder in the System Folder, so iCamMaster will automatically launch on computer startup.
  • Automatically Add Dropped Webcams:
    • When checked iCamMaster will automatically open the "Add Webcam" dialog box with the URL field filled with the address of the webcam being dropped.
  • Notify me when new cams are available:
    • When checked iCamMaster will notify you if new cams have been posted to our web server. New cams will be available under the "NewCams" (Special) menu.
  • Notification Sound:
    • Popup menu to choose the desired notification sound. The menu lists all the sounds installed in the System. The sound is played when new cams are available under the "NewCams" (Special) menu or when iCamMaster detects a newer version.

  • AutoSnap Windows:
    • When checked iCamMaster will align tear off windows against others while being dragged.
  • Include Invisible Windows:
    • When checked invisible windows are also counted when aligning tear off windows.
  • Include Browser Window:
    • When checked the browser window is also counted when aligning tear off windows.
  • Snap Spacing:
    • Is the separation between aligned windows.

Use this tab only if you connect to the internet via a Proxy server. Contact your net master to get the name or IP address of your proxy server and the "Port" to connect to. Then check the "Use Proxy Server" check box.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.