Sending Messages
Webcam links can store mail information (email and ICQ) for each webcam, this enables iCamMaster to send messages to webcam owners.
New cams available under the "Special" menu can also include that information if its owner included it when submitting the webcam.

When this information is available the " Message" button in the browser window is enabled, in teared off webcams the message button is made visible.

Pressing the button will show a menu with the available message information, email and/or ICQ number.

Selecting the email option will launch your mail software and open a new message for the webcam email.

  • Selecting the ICQ option will open the "Send ICQ Message" dialog box.
The "Send ICQ Message" dialog box.

The dialog box allows to send ICQ messages via the ICQ world pager system.

  • Check Status: Allows to check the status the ICQ number. The status is only available if the ICQ user has its "Web Aware" option enabled.
  • From: Type your name or some information for the ICQ user to recognize you.
  • Email: Type your email so the ICQ user will be able to reply.
  • Subject: Type the subject of your message.
  • Message: Type your message for the ICQ user.

    The "From" and "Email" fields will be stored in the preferences file so that you will not have to type that information again in next messages.

    Of course its better to use the ICQ software and get your ICQ number to send messages, this also will allow the webcam user to reply you in real time. Get the software and your number at the ICQ's web page.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.