Setting a Webcam as Desktop Picture
Browser's window or teared off webcams can be placed as desktop pictures, while iCamMaster is running the picture will be updated periodically at the specified rate.
  • In the browser's window view a webcam and press the " Desktop Cam" button.
  • In teared off cams select "Set Desktop Webcam..." in the close box menu of the window.

In both cases a dialog box allows to select the monitor where the desktop picture will be placed, the position and the update rate.

iCamMaster depends on the Appearance Control Panel found in System 8.6 or later to place pictures on the desktop.

The picture will be updated while iCamMaster is running. If you quit the picture will continue updating the next time you launch iCamMaster.

To change the settings of a desktop webcam or to remove it, select "Desktop Cams..." in the "Edit" menu.

In the dialog box simply select the monitor you want to change the settings and make the modifications, press the "Remove" button if you no longer want the webcam on the desktop.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.