The iCamMaster Browser
The main window of iCamMaster is the browser window, this window shows the list of collected cams. Following is a brief description of all the parts of the window.

Add/New Cam Button

Allows to add the currently viewing webcam in the selected folder of the list. Or to create a new one in case no webcam is being viewed.

Edit Cam Button

Allows to edit the webcam link selected in the list. An alternate way to edit a link is to option/double click it.

Desktop Cam Button

Allows to place the current webcam as desktop picture. iCamMaster will perodically update it.

New Folder Button

Allows to create new folders in the browser's list to best organize webcams.

Delete Item Button

Allows to delete items (folders or webcam links) from the list.

Links Button

Displays a menu with all possible links for the webcam's URL. Selecting one launches you web browser with that link.

View Button

Starts the connection if a URL has been typed. While a connection is being established allows to stop it.

Messages Button

Allows to send email or ICQ messages to the webcam owner. Only if that information is available.

Fit Picture Button

Fits webcam pictures in the window if images are larger than the picture area.

Tear Off Button

Creates a new Tear Off window for the currently displayed webcam.

Info Field

Shows information about the current webcam. Its name, the associated info and when was last modified.


Select in this menu the time for the periodical update.

Search Button

Shows the search dialog box. Type any text to find a webcam containing it in its name or location folders.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.