What is iCamMaster
iCamMaster is a internet application specialized in collecting, viewing and recording webcams. Collecting webcams is very easy using your preferred web browser.
iCamMaster comes with more than 1000 precollected and fully organized webcams. Users can easily add more webcams or categories.
Once collected, webcams can be placed on your desktop. iCamMaster periodically retrieves the latest picture for each webcam.
Other iCamMaster features include:
  • Place a webcam as a desktop picture, iCamMaster will update it periodically.
  • Recording webcams as QuickTime Movies.
  • Exporting webcam pictures in different formats (jpg, bmp, PhotoShop, tiff, etc.)
  • Submit your webcams to all iCamMaster users.
  • Send email or ICQ messages to webcam owners.
  • Copy webcam pictures to paste in other applications.
User reviews at VersionTracker:
  • Paul said on 05/26/2000:

    This program has great potential, but falls short in several areas. Most notable are a) no streaming video...15-sec refresh rate is best it can do; b) no chat function, and c) no way to send e-mail to personal cams. The tear-off capability is the program's best feature. Despite its shortcomings, the application is still recommended. Clean, Mac-like interface.  

  • Smart Cookie said on 05/02/2000:
      With iCamMaster I can spy on people worldwide, including my own city. Very Cool! If only it could support sound. Hey, beachgirl you sound yummy!  
  • beachgirl said on 03/29/2000:
      Fantastic program. Really fun. I had my whole desktop covered in tear-off cams from all over the world, all updating individually. Watching sunrise and sunset at the same time, watching people stroll thru NY, watching the waves crash on the Pacific ocean.

User reviews at CNET:Download.com:

  • Ulf Kastner, ulf@texas.net:
     "Better webcam viewing"
    It's really just a simple web-browser, but I found myself enjoying a webcam-image-only browser like this one. Especially the ability to create "tear-off" windows for your favorite web cameras and the instant resizing of loaded images make this a superior product for viewing webcams.
Future iCamMaster features will include:
  • Change the brightness and contrast of webcam pictures.
  • Tile and organize tear off webcams on the desktop.
  • Record webcams as series of jpg files.
iCamMaster Requires:
  • A PowerMacintosh
  • MacOS 8 or Later (Better if 8.6 or later)
  • 9 Mb. of RAM.
  • 4 Mb. of Hard Disk space.
iCamMaster has a Shareware Fee of only US$ 20
  • Download now at Site 1 or Site 2. (1.5 Mb.)
  • View the iCamMaster Guide (Online).
  • Register now at Kagi
  • You will receive your registration keys in about 4 hours.
  • The Registration Keys are permanent and will work with all future versions.

iCamMaster is a REALCode product.
REALcode is the Shareware division of Catalunya Disseny Informàtic a Spanish Software Development Company.